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What is
CliniTouch Vie

CliniTouch Vie is a cloud based health care system that enables patients and health care providers to manage long term conditions including COPD, heart failure and diabetes from the comfort of the patients’ home. It can also be used to support early discharge and manage patients post surgery.

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Recent government and NICE documents all highlight the importance of empowering patients.1-4 “Getting serious about prevention” and “empowering patients” are key themes in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

Why Cloud based technology?

CliniTouch Vie proactively promotes health and wellbeing using cloud-based technology. We have an award winning proven model of care and extensive experience of project implementation that delivers results. So what are the benefits of using CliniTouch Vie? Improving access and flexibility for patients for a better quality of life, delivering real efficiencies in case management for providers, and generating cost savings through reduced hospital admissions to the CCG.

Getting Started - The Spirit way!

Implementing a digital enabled patient-centric service using CliniTouch Vie will extend care access, improve quality and lower the cost of care. We are there to help you every step of the way.

Using Clinitouch Vie
Using Clinitouch Vie
Using Clinitouch Vie
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  • Co-design service
  • Stakeholder identification and responsibilities
  • KPIs and implementation documents
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  • Stakeholder awareness
  • Context setting and objectives
  • Demonstration “show and tell”
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  • Hardware and software training
  • Data capture capabilities
  • Setting up and assigning patients
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  • Personalised technology
  • Educational resources
  • Video conferencing
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  • Service reports
  • KPIs delivering
  • Bespoke reports available
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  • Early diagnostic of patheway reviews
  • Maximising system utilisation
  • Audit outcomes
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The complete cloud-based healthcare package:

Service development

Service development and pathway redesign

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Patient identification

Patient identification, enrolment and personalised education

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Implementation support

Implementation support and training for clinicians

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Provision of hardware

Provision of hardware and software management

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Full technical support

Full technical support

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Governance

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CliniTouch Vie

CliniTouch Vie is an exciting new development that builds upon our award winning CLINITOUCH platform. It is a proactive cloud-based telehealth solution for persons with various long term conditions such as COPD, Heart Failure and Diabetes. It can also be used to care for patients in care homes, assist in early discharge and support patients post surgery, if needed.


Case study highlights Leicester City Total Care COPD project using CLINITOUCH.        

148 emergency COPD admissions prevented 

Reduction in home visits

Gross QIPP savings of £243k (£117k net savings) plus additional provider savings

Patient improvements in self-management, education and confidence

Admissions per head reduced from 3.13 to 1.02 per year

(Ghosh et al. Jan 2016. Leicester Partnership NHS Trust)5


CliniTouch Vie will provide a truly personalised care planning model that allows for integrated care records via secure communications on the N3/HSCN network creating a single real-time patient record.

A dynamic self-management approach, using CliniTouch Vie as part of your care package, can make a real difference in the way you work and bring added benefits to your patients. CliniTouch Vie enables a smart and effective way to greatly improve treatment, proactively tackling symptoms to prevent exacerbations and deterioration. Efficiencies in case load management, reductions in acute care interventions, and empowering patients to improve self-management are some of the outcomes implementing this model of care will deliver.

What is

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the name for a collection of lung diseases, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive airways disease.

People with COPD have difficulties breathing, primarily due to the narrowing of their airways, this is called airflow obstruction.

Years of continual inflammation leads to permanent changes in the lung. The walls of the airways thicken and more mucus is produced. Damage to the delicate walls of the air sacs in the lungs causes emphysema and the lungs lose their normal elasticity. The smaller airways also become scarred and narrowed.

It is more common than you may think...

  • Can be caused by fumes, dust, air pollution and genetic disorders
  • COPD is one of the most common respiratory diseases in the UK
  • It usually only starts to affect people over the age of 35, although most people are not diagnosed until they are in their 50s
  • COPD affects more men than women, although rates in women are increasing

Typical symptoms of COPD include;

  • Increasing breathlessness when resting or active
  • Wheezing (particularly when breathing out)
  • A persistent cough with phlegm (more phlegm)
  • Tight chest
  • Frequent chest infections

Note: It is important that COPD is diagnosed as early as possible so treatment can be used to try to slow down the deterioration of your lungs.

What can I do to help my COPD?

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking

Seek help to quit smoking.

Gentle Exercise

Gentle exercise

Increase the number of steps you take each day.

Eat Healthy

Eat well to stay healthy

Eat a balance of healthy food and drink plenty of water.

Want to find out more…

Below are links to external websites with information about COPD.

Spirit Story

“We will change the world by challenging perceived wisdoms, improve people’s lives & health whilst minimising waste & having fun”

Spirit Healthcare was launched in 2009 with a simple and honest idea that current healthcare systems are inefficient, and that we all deserve better. From these humble beginnings we are now recognised for providing innovative products and services that improve the lives of patients whilst delivering real value for healthcare systems. We deliver results with an approach we call ‘Refreshing Healthcare’. So what does this mean…

We’re different

We are not a large faceless company. We care about people and the challenges they are facing. We make sure we use our skills, knowledge and experience to make lives better every day.

We source solutions

Innovation doesn’t come from simply selling products off the shelf. If we’re going to make a real difference, first we have to understand the problem. Only then can we begin thinking of a new way to tackle

We use our expertise to source, commission or develop the best value solutions from around the world. And then when we’ve discovered a practical answer, we’ll also support its implementation to ensure the best possible results.

We’re committed

We are committed to supplying the highest quality products to ensure patients benefit from the right treatment at the right time.

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"We look forward to introducing you to a dynamic, efficient, and proactive approach to healthcare."

Chris Barker CEO


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Prevention goes a long way towards ensuring the best treatment for patients. Proactively tackling symptoms of long term conditions such as COPD, Heart Failure and Diabetes can prevent exacerbations and disease deterioration.

A cloud based individualised care system enables both patients and healthcare professionals to know beforehand whether an emergency situation is fast approaching. Quick and effective measures can be immediately taken to avert a full blown crisis. The patient and nurse are in real time control of the situation meaning hospitals admissions are avoided.

Improving Individual Care

Incorporating CliniTouch Vie smart technology into the management of long term conditions enables an entirely individualised approach towards each patient. The necessary check-ups and analysis can be conducted by the patients in the comfort of their own home.

The smart system can interact with patients throughout the day, asking them how they feel. The system can act independently and start preventative action straight away. If any flags are raised, a nurse familiar with the patient and data will contact them to make sure everything is ok. Even while patients are asleep at home, vital signals can be analysed for any significant changes


Having secure data, records and medical information stored on the cloud allows nurses and doctors to share information with one another. The whole process is incredibly quick and simple.

With daily measurements of health data, training modules for patients, and a smart system interacting between patients and carers, treatment becomes a collaborative experience.

Financial Savings

Cloud based healthcare not only improves the patient’s experience it also saves money, which can then be diverted towards other resources.

In NHS Leicester City CCG the CLINTOUCH system was tested for twelve months. At the end of the test period the average number of non-elective admissions per patient had reduced from 3.13 to 1.02 per patient or 148 reduced admissions saving the CCG a net of £117,550

Patients were able to avoid distressing non elective admissions. They also learned to manage their condition through a combination of education delivered by the tablet and remote interaction with their healthcare professional.

Empowering Patients

Patients are fully engaged in their treatment and are left feeling empowered and in control of their condition.

Treatment takes place within their own home, where they feel most comfortable. They will also be educated about warning signals, and continually measured and checked upon.

Service development and pathway redesign

Bespoke service cost model utilising real time data to evaluate the most appropriate service level and show potential cost savings.

We will work with you to ensure all stakeholders agree protocols and governance for new pathways…

Patient identification, enrolment and personalised education

The key to success is selecting clinically appropriate patients and keeping them engaged. Our Clinical Services team help you in identifying patients and provide one-to-one educational training for patients to ensure adherence to the programme.

Implementation support and training for clinicians

Our Project Management Team can work with you to manage the roll-out, monitor progress and evaluate the project. Our Clinical Services team will help in training staff on capabilities of the system to flag interventions, set biometric vital sign settings and produce reports to track trends.

Provision of hardware and software management

If you chose to manage the process we are able to supply the equipment with a managed service offering.

Full technical support

We have a 24/7 freephone service that is non-automated to ensure that you and your patients will have access to technical support when you need it.

Quality Assurance and Governance

Fully auditable system, intergrates with NHS information systems, and conforms to all aspects of information governance.

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